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Leaving ALS better than we found it.

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We knew we needed to create a legacy brand  that that could accurately reflect the values of Live Like Lou: courage, tenacity, humility & gratitude. To do this we leaned into visual language of vintage baseball and the legacy of Lou Gehrig. We pulled from and expanded a Yankee’s inspired color palette and dug through a library of exisiting Lou Gehrig photography.
Ensuring the brand was accessible to a wide range of audiences including ALS families, researchers and the Phi Delta Theta partnership.
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logo & brand design
Honoring Lou’s legacy
We began with researching the legacy of Lou Gehrig. We looked at his signature, which was an important part of his identity, and decided to use it as the basis for our logo. We wanted to capture the spirit of the man and the mission of the organization.

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—wendy faust, executive director

Mixing strength and emotion
We chose a powerful sans serif font that complimented Lou’s signature. Using the sans serif allowed the logo to be more easily read at different sizes.
Developing a distinctive, yet flexible brand system
We crafted a comprehensive set of guidelines to illustrate how to apply the Live Like Lou brand elements to various mediums.
Leaning into baseball
We delighted in incorporating baseball details like a footer that feels like a vintage baseball ticket and a 404 page that is a “Swing and a miss”.
Thank you a million times for your creativity, expertise, and patience as we navigated a major change that has successfully moved our organization forward beyond our dreams.

—wendy faust, executive director

User-friendly, without compromising on beautiful design.
marketing collateral
Spreading awareness & driving donations
All aspects of the brand were considered, from a collectable worthy baseball card to merch items for their new store.