Creating a dynamic product design and brand to give Strategy & Ops leaders the tools needed to drive engagement.

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Elate was born out of the pain their founding team felt first hand building high growth companies. Not as CEOs, but as the Strategy and Operations Leaders partnering alongside those visionaries to take long-term vision and transform it into execution.

Elate needed a design partner to design and continuously iterate on the product, brand, and website. They needed someone to help bring their ideas to life visually.
We started with refreshing their existing brand to feel like a trustworthy and approachable place for Strategy & Ops leaders.

We expanded the existing color palette, incorporated energetic illustrations and workshopped how to best showcase the product. This came together in a responsive website, sales deck templates and social media support.
As Elate’s creative partner since their founding, we’ve worked alongside leadership on the strategy of their product and brand. We not only evolved their digital strategy from a creative perspective but also fully custom built their web presence.
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Brand identity
Providing structure with color and illustration.
The three steps that go into a creating a streamlined dynamic planning process are important to success. We introduced a branded color system to bring consistency and clarity to the experience. Acting as a visual cue, each color represents a specific step in the process to provide context.
Creating a flexible system to enrich product presentation.
We were intent on highlighting the product in a way that would be engaging and approachable. Starting with important product features that Strategy & Ops leaders would care about and pairing that with warm photography and a subtle blur effect we highlighted how the product would make their teams feel.
The Emerald team has been nothing short of remarkable to partner with.

From the speed and quality of designs, to the overall openness to feedback and collaboration without ego, they have been a true extension of our team. I can’t imagine Elate without them.

—Phil Tarnowski, VP of Product

web details
Expressing the brand through thoughtful design details.
The addition of small, thoughtful details takes a good web experience to a great one. Incorporating interesting hover and scroll features help keep users engaged.
Delivering personality through new design components.
Taking users on a journey of Dynamic Strategic Planning, from start to finish.
Emerald has helped us create positioning and go to market differentiation with our brand, website, and collateral. I can’t think of a better partner that I’ve worked with than Emerald.

—Phil Tarnowski, VP of Product

Building a social media toolkit of assets and guidelines.
Bringing a podcast and brand to life
When preparing for the launch of the second season of their podcast, Elate knew it was time to invest in an enhanced brand and a dedicated home on their website for Aspiring Ops.
The challenge
Tying the podcast brand into the larger Elate brand, listeners and visitors are now able to easily recognize Aspiring Ops as the voice of Strategy & Operations Leaders. After working with the team for a week, we created a cohesive brand and home for the podcast on their website. Allowing for easy exploration of episodes and guests.
Building a brand for the Elate community
Elation Nation is a community for existing customers to share best practices about Strategy & Ops, Elate, and Strategic Planning.
The challenge
Elation Nation needed to feel like part of the Elate brand, while invoking community, fun and professionalism.