Bringing brands, websites and products to life in a single day.

Instead of working through a typical weeks long design project, sign up for a dedicated Design Day (or two) to get things done!

Punch List of Tasks

Maybe you need to make some updates to your website, a PDF designed, social media graphics, an email series or a combination of all of the above?

Product Intensive

Bring your sketches and ideas to life. We will design a solution for your existing product with fully designed mockups and a clickable prototype

5 screens*

*Depending on product complexity

Emerald takes your unique design problem from zero to hero seemingly overnight. Could she stand up a whole website in one day? Guess what, she did.

—Taylor Simoneaux, Groundwork

So, how does it work?


Book your day

Choose a day on the calendar below that works best for you, keeping in mind your prep-work to complete before we can work together in most cases. You’ll need to be virtually “available” during your intensive, so don’t choose a date that is already full of meetings and appointments.

Book your day


Prep & strategy

Once you’ve booked your date, you’ll receive an email with your comprehensive Design Day welcome guide and checklist specific to your goals. You'll want to complete all pre-work before our day together so that we can hit the ground running on your project and be as efficient as possible with time.

We will also schedule our 1 hour strategy call so we can create a plan for your day.


Your Design Day

During your day, we'll dig in bright and early on your project and we'll communicate via a Slack to collaborate as we work through the design.

This is not a video-call intensive but we do need to be able to reach you for feedback and questions during our day. We'll keep you up updated on progress throughout the day and at the end hand over all of our completed work!


Support after

Once we’ve completed our day together, you’ll have 30 days of follow up support via e-mail, so that you can reach out if you find yourself confused or stuck on anything related to the work that we accomplished.

We'll also provide feedback to you or a video training so you're confident in the next steps!

When you book a Design Day, you’re booking Emerald for the time, not a set of deliverables. The nature of a Design Day is efficiency. We are good at what we do and we've created a streamlined and efficient system that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Results are heavily on dependent on the Client having ALL pre-work completed before the intensive starts and is available to provide feedback quickly during the intensive.

Design Day

Investment $1,500

Book your day
Design days are incredible because instead of deadlines, you get Emerald’s undivided attention for a block of time and they can get a ton done in one day.

—Taylor Simoneaux, Groundwork